Heliosphere Dev Journal – Entry 1

I decided to relase some initial informaiton of Heliosphere that I am devloping together with Florian over at Codeflow.

The game is a multi-player 3d action space shooter in the fashion of Descent but in outside environments. The game is built on OS X in Phython and OpenGL  but will be available for OS X, Linux and Windows.

In the movie file (double click to play) you can see some initial navigation of the game around some large asteroids. The scene is over 200k polys and oh dear does it run smooth on the fps, sorry currently without textures. Florian is doing a great job on the physics and hope he gets around to finish implementing the weapons so I can add some guns to the ship (screen further down).

On that note I have to warn you, the art style has not been completely designed yet and is still undergoing some drastic changes. Hope this makes some mouths watery!

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